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All Wigs

All of our wigs in place!

Female Wigs

Super model? Devil? Diva? Queen? Super Babe? You all starts with a wig!

Male Wigs

Rock Star wigs, celebrity, mad scientist and more wigs...

Child Wigs

Little wigs for the little ones...afro, elvis, princess...

Team Spirit Wigs

We've got spirit yes we do! We've got spirit, how 'bout you?

Wig Sets & Kits

Turn a wig into a costume with sunglassews, makeup, facial hair and more...

Afro Wigs

Afro wigs are always huge! Select from several styles at

Asian Wigs

From Geisha's to Samurais and everything in between.

Elvis Wigs

Elvis Wigs! We've got a great selection of wigs that look like the king of rock-n-roll!

Flashing Wigs

Flashing wigs are so much fun!

Mohawk Wigs

Some say punk, some say fashion we say party with a Mohawk hair style!

Rasta Wigs

Rasta wigs? We've got some great Rasta wigs, hats and outfits right here!

Black Hair Wigs

Black hair in every style. Short, Long, Curly and more...

Blonde Wigs

If you're looking for blonde wigs then we have a great assortment for you!

Blue Wigs

Blue wigs? We've got a whole bunch for you to enjoy...

Brown Hair Wigs

Brown hair wigs look so natural.

Green Wigs

Buy Green wigs for sports events, Irish themes and more at

Grey Hair Wigs

Grey hair wigs might add that sophistication you dream to have one day.

Orange Wigs

Orange wigs! We've got some great orange wigs for everyone right here!

Pink Wigs

Hot Pink, Baby Pink or bright pink wigs! We've got a few pink wig options right here...

Purple Wigs

Purple wigs? We've got all our wigs with purple hair right here...

Red Wigs

Red hot wigs for your every desire.

White Wigs

White wigs all around!

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